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Babies, too, are entitled to their own pair of moccasins. Whether they’re just learning to walk or already on their feet, young children can wear pretty moccasins.

They’re a soft, wearable shoe that goes with every outfit and occasion. For a walk in the park, a trip to the nursery or even a special occasion. There’s bound to be a model perfect for your baby in our online store.

Why choose moccasins for baby?

Discover our collection of moccasins for baby and fall for a small pair to offer your little one. Baby can’t walk yet, but protecting his little feet is essential. Moccasins will complete his outfit nicely, giving him a style that’s too crunchy.

Baby moccasins are soft and supportive, so they won’t fly off when baby gets restless. With a soft, often non-slip sole, your child’s feet will be in a cocoon of comfort, and your little one can even try out his first steps, safely. To keep your child’s feet moving freely and feeling at ease, there’s nothing like little baby moccasins.

Baby moccasins

Is there anything cuter than baby shoes? Maybe, but in any case, we melt in front of tiny shoes and even more so when we see baby moccasins. These miniature shoes give your child the style of a grown-up, adding a chic touch to his or her look. We offer a wide range of baby moccasins in different colors, materials and shapes, so you can have endless fun with your child’s style. Whether for everyday wear or a special occasion, we’ve got the pair of baby moccasins for you!

For girls

To turn your little girl into a real princess and give her the look of a grande dame, opt for moccasins for baby girl. Whether for a special event, baby shower, christening, wedding, elegant birthday or even everyday wear, moccasins are the footwear of choice.

We offer a range of models in different shapes to suit every occasion. For a real princess look, choose varnished or shiny moccasins. For a trendy and very chic look, we’ll choose moccasins with elegant finishes like small chains, bows or glitter patterns.

For boys

So that your little boy already looks like a modern-day dandy or a man dressed by an Italian designer, there’s nothing like adding baby moccasins to his everyday outfit. Among our baby boy moccasins, you’ll find leather or suede models that will add that extra-chic touch to his outfit.

Models with masculine cuts and neutral, dark colors will give him a real “little guy” look that will win over dad, mom and everyone else around him. What could be cuter, paired with a stylish pair of pants or baby cord pants and a shirt, than a little boy wearing moccasins?

Our unisex models

In today’s society, some people don’t like gendering children at birth, buying pink for girls, blue for boys and all those little details that condition a way of thinking. Without talking about gender categorization, some simply don’t prefer to perpetuate this tradition of colors and objects attributed to girls or boys.

If you’re one of those parents who prefers neutral tones, decorating an elegant nursery in the palette of beiges and browns, to complete your little one’s wardrobe, we offer you unisex moccasin models, with soft colors that will suit all children. Unisex models are also ideal for a birth gift to parents who wanted to keep it a surprise all the way, so you can be sure not to get it wrong.

Our collection of baby moccasins

In our collection of baby moccasins, we offer a multitude of models to suit everyone, girls, boys or neutral models. All our models have been carefully crafted to offer your child all the comfort and reassurance his little feet need.

You’ll find models for both summer and winter, all with the characteristic of protecting baby’s feet, while letting them breathe to avoid any discomfort. All our materials are very pleasant on the skin, for baby’s greatest comfort. Our baby moccasin sizes range from 0 to 2-3 years, to accompany your child right up to those first steps.