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To care for your feet, back and joints in style, discover our collection of orthopedic loafers. Models for women and men that promise great comfort and a stylish look.

What’s more, our selection offers a wide choice of trendy models. The perfect combination of comfort and elegance.

What are orthopedic moccasins?

Orthopedic loafers are orthopedic comfort shoes, i.e. they provide relief from pain or pathology. Orthopedic moccasins, like other types of footwear, are equipped with an arch support insole to help reduce the pressure of body weight on your feet. Supporting the arch of the foot also ensures good posture and helps avoid and relieve various types of pain. By definition, a moccasin is a shoe with a flexible sole, which is wide enough at the front to give the toes enough room. The flexibility of the sole allows the feet to develop properly while walking.

Orthopedic moccasins, for whom?

Orthopedic moccasins are suitable for different cases and types of people. You can wear these shoes if you suffer from foot, knee or back pain, for example.

If you have poor posture, too, their design will ensure proper alignment of your body. You can also wear orthopedic moccasins as a preventive measure, to avoid pain associated with walking or posture. For people with foot pathologies or conditions, orthopedic moccasins are also ideal. If your feet are deformed or misshapen, moccasins are wide enough to accommodate your pathology without getting in your way.

Other special conditions, such as diabetic feet, edema or surgery, may require orthopedic footwear, and our moccasins are sure to satisfy. Orthopedic moccasins provide relief for anyone suffering from illness, sprains or chronic pain. It’s a therapeutic way to make your life easier, and in style.

Orthopedic moccasins, aesthetic orthopedic footwear

Orthopedic moccasins are therefore a type of orthopedic shoe that has the particularity of being aesthetically pleasing thanks to their moccasin cut. With its strong history, the moccasin is a fashion shoe that is both elegant and chic. Our orthopedic moccasins are no exception, offering not only great comfort but also the very latest in fashion.

We offer orthopedic moccasins in a variety of materials and colors to suit your needs and tastes. For both men and women, our collection of orthopedic moccasins has been designed for easy everyday wear, while remaining at the cutting edge of style. Whether our shoes are in leather, suede, synthetic or canvas, they’re all comfortable and adaptable to different styles.

For women

For women, you can choose from classic, vintage-retro, casual or chic styles. For example, ourred orthopedic platform loaferswill give you a classic look, and add a touch of color for an original look. Ourfloral orthopedic loaferswill be more in the vintage spirit. And, ourleather platform orthopedic loaferswill be the modern, casual touch to all your everyday outfits.

For men

For men, our orthopedic loafers let you choose between a classic, casual or chic style, depending on your desires and your own style. Made from leather, our orthopedic moccasin models are classic and elegant, perfect for wearing to work or for all your activities. Ourwalking orthopedic moccasins for men, like ourcasual orthopedic moccasins for men, will give you a less formal, street-wear look, like sneakers, but even cooler.

Orthopedic moccasins for everyone

We offer orthopedic moccasins for men and women that will satisfy both your orthopedic needs, to relieve or prevent your various ailments, and your aesthetic needs.

You’ll be able to wear our orthopedic moccasins every day, without it being noticeable. They’re the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. We’ve designed our orthopedic moccasins with all the care and attention necessary to bring you quality products that will stay with you for a long time. Every detail, from the choice of material to the fit and finish, has been thought out with you, your feet and your whole body in mind.

Discover our collection of orthopedic shoes and find the perfect pair to suit your feet and tastes. So you can combine comfort with style.