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Very comfortable, the soles of these shoes are often thick on the outside and padded on the inside, giving you the impression of being in elegant, quality slippers. Don’t hesitate to order your favorite pair, you won’t be disappointed.

Quality finishes

High-quality women’s patent loafers are a must-have this season. Featuring a classic design, these shoes are crafted from the finest materials to ensure longevity and elegance. Their patent leather uppers make them water-resistant and easy to clean.

Comfortable footbed

Their cushy insole ensures optimal foot support and comfortable posture all day long. Careful stitching, meanwhile, guarantees excellent resistance to the various movements made when walking. Our selected moccasin models also feature a non-slip outsole for optimum grip on any surface.

Impeccable details

Their meticulous stitching testifies to the meticulousness of the manufacturing process, while their flexible soles offer optimal comfort all day long. Patent moccasins are versatile and go perfectly with all kinds of outfits. They have the advantage of being easily wearable with a classic, chic or casual dress, pants or a pencil skirt. Patent loafers adapt easily to your mood and the places you wear them.

With their beautiful embossed finishing along the edges from toe to ankle, these shoes are not lacking in charm. They’ll give anyone who wears them an elegant look thanks to their timelessly chic style. The shiny side also makes your feet stand out and gives you a distinguished look. In short, if you’re looking for both comfortable and elegant shoes that go with every style of dress, high-quality patent loafers for women will undoubtedly meet your most demanding expectations.

Elegant and comfortable patent loafers for women

High-quality patent loafers for women are shoes distinguished by their elegance and refinement. Crafted from premium raw materials, these shoes combine comfort, style and durability.

Made from finely brushed and polished patent leather, women’s patent loafers offer an impeccable finish while remaining easy to care for. Women’s patent loafers are known for their sleek, elegant style, perfect for classic or sophisticated outfits such as dresses or tailored pants. The colors offered for these shoes range from classic black to dark red and marron glacé, allowing a choice to suit your tastes or needs.

Our high-quality women’s patent moccasins have been manufactured to the highest standards to offer our customers an environmentally-friendly product. So not only are our shoes beautiful and shiny, they’re also ethical! If you’re looking for an elegant pair of shoes that will last you a long time, offering excellent value for money, with exceptional finishes and great comfort, high-quality patent loafers for women are the ideal investment. They’ll look great and add a touch of glamour to your outfit!

You can also find our women’s tassel loafers, our women’s suede loafers and our women’s leather loafers if you’re looking for comfortable flat shoes that will last you over time.

High-quality women’s patent loafers

Our high-quality women’s patent loafers are shoes that give you an elegant look and can be worn on many occasions. These include weddings, christenings, business events and evenings out with friends. Their varnish finish evokes a refined elegance, while their allure makes them very comfortable and practical shoes. Wearing them, your silhouette will be both chic and sophisticated.

Our genuine leather loafers are designed with a slightly wider upper for a perfect fit on your foot. The insole is designed to provide superior foot comfort throughout the day, and into the evening if you’re chaining up. The laceless design makes it easy to put the shoe on without chafing or irritation. Clean stitching and quality leather are our criteria for selecting our moccasins.

Patent moccasins are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to both classic and sophisticated outfits. Our available colors include classic black, elegant dark brown, zesty red and midnight blue. Our selection is made with everyone’s tastes in mind.

Whether you’re going to work, shopping or simply looking for comfortable, yet elegant footwear, these high-end patent loafers will do the job perfectly. You’ll also find our women’s leather loafers that match the same criteria. They instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit and offer excellent value for money. So why not make your selection? Our pairs are waiting for you!