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Perfect for all occasions and all seasons, moccasins are easy to match with any outfit, and what’s more, they’re very comfortable, perfect for kids. Different materials, colors and styles are available to delight your little girl.

Moccasins for girls, a whole story

Moccasins have millennia of history, almost as much as humanity, and we still wear them today to the delight of our feet. Adopted by all since their advent in fashion in the 1930s, moccasins take care of our feet and our styles.

Moccasins are shoes with flexible soles that allow feet to move freely, which is also perfect for children. Our little rascals love to run, jump and dance, so having shoes that follow them everywhere is very important, especially shoes in which they feel comfortable.

Give your little girl a pair of moccasins, so that she can continue to write the history of the moccasin, and why not a princess story. Moccasins are known for being chic shoes, with a preppy or casual chic style depending on the model. Our moccasin models for girls are all elegant and suitable for a child’s daily activities.

Why choose moccasins for your little girl?

Little girls love princesses and beautiful clothes, so they prefer to dress in style whenever possible. To dress like a grown-up with an elegant, sophisticated look, moccasins are the perfect shoes to finalize an outfit.

Comfortable, these shoes will follow her on all her adventures, whether in the playground, at the park or on any other getaway. As well as being comfortable, moccasins add a real plus to her look. You can match moccasins to your little girl’s entire wardrobe, summer or winter.

In winter, wear them with a little dress or skirt and tights, paired with a chunky sweater or elegant pants and a shirt. In summer, too, with skirts and dresses, this time bare-legged, with a crisp T-shirt or pretty blouse, your little girl will be perfect with moccasins. With jeans or shorts, moccasins will enhance a casual outfit. Your daughter will already look like she’s playing in the big leagues when she wears her little girls’ moccasins.

As you can see, this type of shoe is perfect for all year round, and will fit into your little princess’s entire wardrobe.

Styling ideas with our girl’s moccasins

Whatever the circumstances, a pair of moccasins will always look great with your little girl’s outfit. For example, for school, we wear the little leather moccasins for girls that will go with everything, with jeans to break up the too-chic side of these shoes or with a little dress to give your princess a really assertive style.

For everyday wear or a special event, we opt for soft-soled school moccasins and their rhinestone chains, which will delight your little girl who loves anything that sparkles. These moccasins will transform her look for a very girly and chic touch. The small heel will make her feel taller and, above all, keep her body in good posture. For a more casual style, perfect with any outfit, our soft leather loafers for girls will give her allure, a grown-up style and at the same time a very casual side. In any case, your little girl will look good in her pair of pretty moccasins, chosen according to her tastes of course.

Our collection of moccasins for girls

Our collection of moccasins for girls, like all our other pairs of shoes, have been crafted with the utmost care to offer your child quality, sturdy footwear that will stand the test of time and daily wear and tear.

Some models are made of leather, others of suede, others of synthetic materials and some of soft fabric. All our materials have been selected for their sturdiness and their protective or breathable qualities. With a wide choice of materials and colors, we’re sure to have the moccasins your little girl will love.

Different shapes to suit different styles and tastes. Each of our models is available in different sizes, to suit all ages. We recommend you consult the size guide under each product to choose the right size for your child’s shoes.

Discover all our moccasin collections on the Master Loafer website and find the pearl you’re looking for to dress your child to the nines, without neglecting comfort and sturdiness.