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The children’s moccasin

Moccasins are historic footwear, worn for centuries and setting trends every year. A simple design that offers your child great comfort for everyday walking. Moccasins are a type of shoe that’s easy to slip on – just slip your feet into them. Perfect for young and old alike, moccasins are a comfortable shoe to wear. Generally made of leather or nubuk, they are renowned for their quality and suppleness.

To meet current trends and needs, moccasins are available in a wide range of colors and materials, while always remaining comfortable. In the last century, moccasins were mostly worn by the bourgeoisie, giving them their very chic connotation.

Today, moccasins are worn by everyone, even in the playground, and that’s not to the children’s displeasure, because these shoes so chic and pleasant to wear are the perfect combo for protected feet, in comfort and with fashion-forward style.

How to wear children’s moccasins

Loafers are shoes that give an elegant yet casual look. For kids, these shoes give them a grown-up look and a too-crunchy look. Whether boy or girl, your child will be able to wear these shoes every day in mild weather. Moccasins are best worn without socks, or with invisible socks. For winter, our leather moccasins will be perfect for keeping your child’s feet warm while giving them a retro-chic look.

For girls

For little girls, who are generally very coquettish, we pair children’s moccasins with jeans and a blouse, or with a little dress or skirt, and tights for winter. The moccasins will give her a preppy, retro little girl spirit as in the days when girls and boys were in separate classes. Perfect for a chic and comfortable winter, our furry moccasins will be ideal for keeping your little girl’s feet warm. For everyday wear and special occasions, our moccasins with a gold chain will be the perfect accessory to finish off your little girl’s outfit. In short, there’s a pair for every little girl who loves to wear them.

For boys

For boys, moccasins can be worn with jeans or pants made of fabric, such as cotton canvas or even velvet for a dandy look. Ideal for any occasion, children’s moccasins will give your offspring an exquisite, sophisticated look, without overdoing it and always with comfort. For a casual look, opt for canvas or suede loafers, as with our spring loafers for boys.

For a classic, elegant look, opt for a leather model, as with our British-style leather loafers. For special occasions, to make your little boy look chic, choose leather moccasins with tassels. In any case, this is a pair of shoes that will suit any occasion, and will be very easy to match.

A wide choice of children’s moccasins

In our collection of children’s moccasins, you can choose from models for girls, boys or mixed models. We also offer a wide choice of colors to match your little one’s wardrobe. We also give you a choice of materials, so you can embellish these shoes as the seasons go by, according to your desires and the occasion.

We also have children’s moccasins specially designed to go in the water, with their neoprene material and special soles. So they can easily go for a walk in the sea on vacation, and won’t risk hurting themselves on the rocks. Our children’s moccasins are all available in different sizes to suit as many people as possible, from 3-4 years to their adult foot size.


Our moccasins are shoes made with quality materials that your child will be able to wear for a long time. As we all know, children grow up fast and their wardrobe needs to be changed regularly. But our moccasins are built to last. For as long as your child wears them, they’ll stay comfortable and in perfect condition. The soles of our children’s moccasins are made of thick, hard-wearing rubber to withstand all your little monsters’ adventures.

If you have more than one child, our moccasins can be a sibling heirloom, suitable for all the children in the family from generation to generation. The moccasin is a timeless type of footwear, elegant and ideal for all occasions.