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The history of the moccasin comes to us from North America

Shoes for men and women, a must-have in your wardrobe to be on trend, summer and winter alike. The moccasin as we know it today is the descendant of the first shoe known to man. A shoe with millennia of history, it was originally presented as a soft-soled shoe, made of skin with an Amerindian style. It would appear that these North American peoples created the first moccasin-like footwear. The look of this ancestral shoe is a little different from the moccasin we know today, but their shape and characteristics remain much the same: a soft, comfortable shoe that’s easy to put on.

After thousands of years on our feet, the moccasin is still worn by many today, and is intended to be chic and trendy. Worn by everyone, the moccasin comes in many different forms today, and our collection of Indian moccasins is a real tribute to this historic shoe. Moccasins that will give you a bohemian chic look with a hippie spirit or a farwest-inspired style to perfect all your outfits.

Indian moccasins for style

The Indian moccasin is closer to early moccasin designs than other types of this pretty shoe, with the upper folded over the sides of the foot or else with ethnic fringes and ornamentation. Wear these shoes for an original look.

Whether worn by men, women or children, Indian moccasins can be worn in winter or summer, depending on the model. Pair them with jeans or denim shorts, and you’ve got a hippie chic or bohemian chic look that’s always on trend. You can wear with, a suede shirt or a blue plaid shirt, for a true Native American spirit revisited.


For women, you can also wear Indian moccasins with a simple little dress, white, black or floral. With simple pants and a small T-shirt, Indian moccasins bring an even more casual touch to your look and an ethnic character that changes your allure.


For men, with fabric pants or jeans, a t-shirt or shirt, the Indian moccasin brings an original touch to your outfit and a very assertive, unique style. For children, Indian moccasins give them an overly-crunchy style, for an already trendy spirit in all circumstances.

The Indian moccasin, a comfortable shoe

The Indian moccasin respects the tradition of yesteryear with a flexible sole that offers you a comfortable walk. Your foot can develop naturally as you walk, remaining free to move for your utmost comfort.

Feeling good in these shoes is essential, and the Indian moccasin allows you to be comfortable and have a real casual style. Some of our Indian moccasin models are lined, like ourlined buckled Indian moccasins, for women and ourlined suede Indian moccasins, unisex. With these models, you’ll be ready to face the cold winter in style. A lined moccasin is an even more comfortable moccasin, offering a cozy surface for your feet. For the rest of the year, our Indian moccasins are intended to be chic and casual, with a very ethnic spirit, as for example with ourIndian PU moccasins with a jewelor ourIndian moccasins with ethnic motifs.

For a style that’s both chic and very casual, always in the bohemian spirit of the Indian moccasin, we offerIndian suede moccasins for men, which you can wear every day. Some of our models are a hybrid meeting of moccasin, bootie and high-top sneaker to give you a modern look and assertive style. For the whole family, our Indian moccasins promise to give you style and be very comfortable for your feet.

The quality of our Indian moccasin collection

In our Indian moccasin collection, we offer models for men and women, in a variety of colors and materials. In real skin, synthetic or canvas, our moccasins all have a Native American inspiration that gives them their distinctive style. Available in a range of sizes, our shoes are suitable for everyone.

The materials we’ve selected are chosen for their quality, to offer you durable products. Each of our products is carefully crafted to stand the test of time. The seams, whether visible or not, are sturdy, and the finishing details are a real addition to your outfit.

Browse our online store now and find the perfect Indian moccasin to complement your Indian style, without neglecting your comfort.