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Discover our selection of women’s tassel loafers. Browse our online store in search of the perfect pair of moccasins. The choice is wide and you’ll be able to choose according to your tastes and the use you’d like to make of them.

A wide variety of women’s tassel loafers

This type of shoe is an essential piece in any chic wardrobe. They shape your silhouette and you’ll particularly appreciate the allure they bring. They’re a symbol of class and elegance, as well as being comfortable to wear. They’re carefully selected to meet your most exacting expectations, while leaving plenty of room for novelties to surprise you. With their sober colors, they’ll match all your outfits. Or opt for original models for a touch of pep.

These are very popular shoes for the office, but not only! You can easily wear them with jeans or a dress, and they’ll go perfectly with all your wardrobe styles. They come in a wide range of materials and colors. Always on the theme of elegance, they’ll always give you a distinguished look, but can be worn with casual attire.

Tassel loafer

You can also find tassel loafers in our other categories such as women’s leather loafers and women’s suede loafers. The category of elegant tassel loafers for women are timeless shoes that never go out of style. These loafers are finely crafted using the finest materials to provide you with impeccable quality, while leaving them comfortable in any situation. The uppers of these moccasins are made from leather, suede or high-end synthetics, guaranteeing durability over time and resistance to scratches and other external aggressions. The careful finishing of the leather gives them a refined look.

To add an extra touch of distinction, these shoes feature a decorative tassel band on the upper, which drapes delicately over the tongue. The insole is lined to provide optimum comfort for your delicate feet, as well as a pleasant feel on long walks or other family outings. Rigid outsoles inlaid into the moccasin also protect feet from the elements.

For a classy look

These handsome loafers should be worn when you want to give a sophisticated touch to your formal or informal attire. Whether you’re going to work or attending a wedding, they’ll work perfectly with your favorite ensemble: paired with a pretty dress, jeans and a colorful button-down shirt, or with a more chic, but not strict, suit. You’ll love our category of moccasins selected for an event like this sober yet elegant model, or this incredibly trendy suede with fringe that adapts to all styles and situations.

Sophisticated tassel loafers

Designed using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, these elegant women’s loafers offer you the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are truly a must-have in the wardrobe of every woman concerned with detail and refinement.

Colors range from timeless light browns and sophisticated navy blues to reds and pinks, all of which are sure to enhance your outfits. The tassels on these moccasins merge perfectly with the shoe in our harmonious colors. The sole is often padded and thick to enhance foot comfort.

So our shoes are always a pleasure to put on, and always easy to put on. They’ll guarantee softness and lightness in the arch of your foot, so you can keep your mind light and think about all the other things you need to think about during the day.

Comfortable and chic women’s tassel loafers

Fashionable and trendy at the same time, your look will immediately take shape when you put on our tassel loafers. Ideal for mid-season wear, spring or autumn, they’ll protect your feet from both cold and warmth while remaining supple. They’ll give you the impression of lightness. Pair them with work pants, a shirt and a smart jacket to go to work, and wear leather loafers.

Conversely, you can wear more casual tassel loafers with jeans, a T-shirt and suede or boat-style loafers for outings with friends, picnics in the park with the family or vacations by the sea, for example.

You’ll love all the moccasins you see on our site, so all you have to do is choose the ones that best match your style and your needs for this type of footwear. Don’t hesitate, our moccasins are made for you – you won’t be disappointed!