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Always comfortable with a soft, thick sole, you’ll enjoy wearing these tassel loafers all day long, on vacation or in town. So, what are you waiting for to make your selection?

Our tassel loafers for men are waiting for you! Browse our online store and discover the wide choice of models selected for you. Tassel loafers are out of the ordinary, yet timeless and easy to match with your outfits.

Timeless moccasins

Timeless, first appearing in the ’40s, tassel loafers have passed through the generations without a wrinkle. Also known as “tassel loafers” or “moccasins à pampilles”, they are today’s trendy shoes, much appreciated for their comfort and ability to go with all styles. The moccasin has made a name for itself and is back in the spotlight.

They’re a very popular shoe for the office, but not the only one! You can easily wear them with jeans or a suit. They’re a perfect match for all your wardrobe styles. Declined in numerous materials and colors, they’re always on the theme of elegance. They’ll give you a distinguished look, but can also be worn with casual or streetwear attire. You can also find tassel loafers in our other categories, such as leather loafers for men, suede loafers for men and lacquered loafers for men. Our tassel loafers for men are timeless shoes that never go out of style.

Men’s tassel loafers designed with finesse

Durable, comfortable footwear

These moccasins are designed with finesse using the finest materials to provide you with impeccable quality, while leaving them comfortable in any situation. The uppers of these moccasins are made from high-grade leather, suede or synthetic, guaranteeing their durability over time and resistance to scratches and other external aggressions.

The insole is lined to provide optimum comfort for your feet, as well as a pleasant feel during long walks or your professional outdoor appointments. Rigid cushioned soles in the moccasin also protect feet from the elements.

An extra touch

These beautiful loafers should be worn when you want to give a sophisticated touch to your office outfit or casual weekend wear. The tassel loafer can just as easily be worn in traditional style with your best suit to the office as for your weekend with friends in total relaxation with jeans, a tee-shirt and a colorful button-down shirt. You’ll love our category of loafers selected for an event like this black and white model or these blue suede loafers with tassel incredibly trendy and adaptable to all styles and situations.

Refined men’s tassel loafers

Designed using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, these elegant men’s loafers offer you the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are truly a must-have in the dressing room of every man concerned with detail and refinement.

Their varied colors such as timeless light brown, sophisticated navy blue or even crocodile red, all live up to your expectations to enhance your outfits. The tassels on these moccasins merge perfectly with the shoe in our harmonious colors. The sole is often padded and thick to enhance foot comfort.

So our shoes will always be a pleasure to put on and take off easily. They’ll guarantee softness and lightness in your arch, so you can keep your mind light and think about all the other things you need to get done during the day.

How to choose your pair of tassel loafers

Fashionable and trendy at the same time, your look will immediately take shape when you put on our tassel loafers. Ideal for mid-season, spring or autumn, the tassel loafer is a stylish addition to your day-to-day wardrobe. This leather moccasin for men remains on trend all year round, provided it’s worn properly.

The first step is to choose the right color to suit your style and needs. For a formal business wardrobe, black leather and brown suede loafers are classics. Easy to wear, they go equally well with suit pants or more casual jeans. For a modern office look or a more summery touch, opt for patent loafers with tassels, for example. Combined with an elegant gray chino, you’re sure to make a splash. So, what are you waiting for to make your selection of tassel loafers for men? You can be sure you won’t be disappointed with the results.