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Loafers are elegant shoes that give you a sophisticated look. Very popular with men, the moccasin can also be worn for a wedding. We’ve designed this collection of wedding moccasins for men, whether you’re a guest, groomsman, best man, or the happy groom-to-be.

Pretty shoes in different materials and colors that are sure to match your suit, whether the theme is elegant, classic, vintage or casual.

Why wear moccasins to a wedding?

A moccasin is a flexible, laceless shoe that’s easy to slip on and off. Its design and suppleness offer plenty of comfort, and you’ll no doubt need them for dancing all day and all night. Beyond its not inconsiderable comfort, the moccasin is an elegant shoe, so it’s appropriate for a reception of this kind.

Although the moccasin sometimes connotes a casual style, models of leather moccasins, with tassels or worked suede, are intended to be truly chic. With details like a pretty buckle or little tassels, the moccasin will be an accessory that perfectly complements your suit, with a material worked with sequins or animal effect, the moccasin will bring an original touch. You’ll be comfortable standing on your own two feet for a long time, and you’ll also have a dandy Italian style.

Which moccasin to choose for a wedding?

Classic tones

If you’re just a guest (but not an insignificant one), you can wear loafers, matching your suit. If your suit is light, in beige hues, we’ll love brown, camel or chocolate loafers. If your suit is navy blue, then beige loafers are the way to go. For the classic black suit, we choose the color we want, even daring an offbeat model to turn our loafers into an accessory like a piece of jewelry like ourpatent leather loafers with tassels and sequinor ourpatent and sequined gold evening loafers. Black, beige or brown to stay classic, but we can also choose white loafers to make a statement with the shirt, or black and white for a retro-chic look like ourblack and white patent leather loafers.

More colorful tones

You could also try a flashier hue like red or electric blue. You can also play around with materials or volumes by choosing a loafer with a small platform or braided-effect leather, for example. If you’re one of the groomsmen or best man, it’s important to respect the theme chosen by the bride and groom, but the principle remains the same. If you have the honor of being the groom, choose shiny moccasins with a patent finish for a touch of sparkle right down to the toes, like ourluxury black patent moccasins.

Wedding moccasins, but not only

We’ve designed our products for your most chic events, where dress counts and you’ll be looked at. A wedding is like a catwalk, where every guest is both model and critic. To be sure of receiving everyone’s approval, the moccasin is a wise choice. Unless you have a very large family or all your friends have decided to get married this year, you’re probably thinking, “But why buy a new pair of shoes if I’m only going to wear them once or twice?

Well, moccasins, like other styles of so-called elegant footwear, aren’t just for special occasions. And even if you don’t wear a suit to the office, we can assure you that you’ll be wearing your pretty loafers again sooner than you think. While perfect with pinstripe pants and a blazer jacket, the moccasin can also be worn in many other ways. With a casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, they’ll change your look while being (almost) as comfortable as sneakers.

A collection of quality men’s wedding moccasins

The moccasin is a timeless, timeless and refined shoe that will complement an elegant or more casual look. Our collection of men’s wedding moccasins has been designed to offer you chic shoes that pamper your feet. The materials and manufacturing process we use enable us to offer you quality products, made to last over time, no matter how you use them.

In this category, you’ll find a wide variety of models in different materials and colors to match the themes of the wedding you’ll be attending, without compromising your own tastes. And, of course, all men’s sizes are available to fit everyone, so there’s something for everyone.