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Breathable and crafted with beautiful finishes, our shoes are made with the utmost care to satisfy you. Our moccasins can be worn with ease from the first rays of spring sunshine, and throughout the summer period.

You’re going to love our models, so what are you waiting for to make your selection and project yourself with them on a boat? This type of moccasin is timeless and timeless. You can choose from our selection of models, each more beautiful than the last, to suit your taste and use. The perfect pair for you is bound to be found on Master Loafer.

Why boat moccasins?

Moccasin boats are shoes originally designed for sailing on the high seas. They resemble moccasins in that they’re made of leather, have the same shape and don’t hold your ankle. They are designed not to mark the deck of a boat. The sole is flexible and the heel protrudes only slightly. You’ll easily recognize them from other shoe models thanks to the suede lace around the shoe to keep it on your foot, and the little bow at the front. Ideal for wearing as soon as spring arrives, they can be worn almost every day, even when you arrive at your vacation destination if it’s by the sea.

Easy to put on and take off, you can wear them to the beach, around town, on a boat or out with friends. You’ll see for yourself that men’s boat moccasins tick all the boxes of the features you’d expect from a pair of shoes.

Moccasins for water sports

Destined above all for water sports, these shoes have been designed, thought through and assumed to withstand such sporting activities. To this end, they feature reinforcements in the sole and upper.

But that’s not all, the leather used in the manufacture of these shoes is far superior to traditional leather. The sole is non-slip, to ensure that the skipper stays firmly on the boat and can move from deck to deck without slipping. As you can see, the boat shoe is first and foremost a sport shoe, but comfortable and trendy!

A sporty, elegant category

The boat style moccasin category for men gives you a classic yet elegant model for all men with taste and a strong attraction to water sports. These shoes are inspired by the shoes worn by traditional sailors in the 1930s.

Their basic design is simple and comfortable. They are covered with a soft, slightly curved leather upper, a thin, flat rubber or leather sole with a small band of color or contrasting lace around the edge.

What are the characteristics of boat moccasins?


Men’s boat-style moccasins are distinguished by their comfort, which has nothing to envy from appearance. They often have invisible seams, and their renowned outstanding quality guarantees their durability. The inner lining is soft and breathable.


They offer protection against both damp and cold. Their reliability has also been verified and is no longer in doubt. Whether in the rain or on the deck of the ship or at work, these shoes have quickly become indispensable in men’s wardrobes. Today, they remain very popular with men seeking a timeless look without losing their modernity.

The style

When it comes to colors, our loafers offer several options: you can choose between different natural shades like navy blue with this pretty pair, dark brown with this leather model with laces or light brown with this model with original design as well as more original colors like this turquoise model with yellow sole.

Men’s boat-style loafers can be worn with anything from casual jeans and cargo pants to workwear such as three-piece suits. Our boat-style moccasins go with many different outfits to the delight of buyers – they’re truly versatile! They’re also easy to match with low socks, no socks or high socks, depending on personal preference.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are both comfortable, stylish, flexible, of quality, with nonslip soles to complete your shoe collection, look no further, our category of boat-style loafers for men is here for you! You’ll find models with classic designs that will stand the test of time, while offering you plenty of modern options.