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The baby boy moccasin is an adorable choice of footwear for toddlers that combines style, comfort and practicality. Made with care and attention to detail, this moccasin is specially designed to offer a perfect fit for growing little feet. Our baby moccasins will give your baby freedom of movement and accompany him as he tries out his first steps. An air of mini dandy, for a too-crunchy look, offer a pair of baby moccasins to your little boy.

Why choose moccasins for your little boy?

Whatever your baby’s age, his little feet need protection, because it’s a sensitive area. Even if baby doesn’t know how to walk yet, he’s very restless, especially his legs, which he loves to move all over the place. For this, your child needs shoes that hold his feet securely.

For all these reasons, baby moccasins are the shoes of choice. The moccasin has the advantage of being a flexible shoe that will leave your little one free to move around, so he can wriggle around unhindered. The baby moccasins hold your child’s feet securely to ensure they don’t fall off. As well as wrapping his feet in comfort and protecting them, moccasins will give him a too-crunchy style, making him even cuter than he already is, and that’s no mean feat.

We give style with a baby boy moccasin

With our collection of moccasins for baby boys, you can choose from multiple styles to have fun with your child’s look. The moccasin is a shoe with chic connotations that allows you to have an elegant and sophisticated style. For babies too, moccasins are meant to be elegant to give them a real little guy look, too cute, as if they were already grown-up.

Different shoe materials

With leather or suede loafers in a boat shape, your child will have a dolce-vita style, very dandy that we’ll love to match with little jeans or elegant pants and a shirt, like our grained leather loafers with a silver bit.

With canvas moccasins, like our cotton first-step moccasins, the baby will have a casual look, perfect for everyday wear to go with all his little pyjamas. In addition to the classic moccasins, we also offer moccasins with patterns, stripes, checkerboards, animals or cartoon characters, to play up your child’s style and help him develop. Whichever pair of baby moccasins you choose for your little boy, we’re sure they’ll fit him perfectly and he’ll feel right at home in them.

A wide choice of baby boy moccasins

To give your child style and comfort, we offer a wide range of baby moccasins. We offer you a choice of different materials to suit a variety of uses, leather moccasins to protect your child’s feet from the cold, canvas or cotton moccasins to let his little feet breathe, suede moccasins for style, synthetic moccasins to keep your child’s feet warm and stylish.

Our baby moccasin collection also features different moccasin shapes for different styles, such as boat-style moccasins for chic, tasselled moccasins for a bohemian look, or patterned moccasins for early learning.

Most of our models are available in a range of colors to suit your tastes, your desires and your baby’s wardrobe, always in a little boy spirit. We also offer unisex models in soft shades of beige and brown.

Quality moccasins for baby’s comfort

Whichever pair of baby moccasins you choose, we guarantee quality footwear! The materials we’ve chosen are selected for their sturdiness and skin-friendliness to respect baby’s skin.

All details and finishes are guaranteed to be safe for little ones. Our baby moccasins have been designed with your child’s comfort in mind, in terms of shape, materials and details. Your child’s feet will be protected and enveloped in a cocoon of comfort, while giving him or her a unique and too-crunchy style. Your little boy has not finished turning heads, and it’s only just begun with his little pair of baby moccasins.