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The men’s moccasin, a whole history

Shoes that are both chic and comfortable, to be worn summer and winter alike. The moccasin is a legendary shoe with bourgeois connotations, which we know you’ll make your own with confidence. Our collection of men’s moccasins is designed for men who want to add a touch of sophistication to their look, while looking trendy and comfortable in their moccasins.

The origin of the moccasin goes back to the dawn of time. Moccasins are the first footwear known to man, and of course they didn’t look exactly like what we know today, but rather like Indian moccasins. A shoe with a flexible sole that’s easy to slip on – that’s the very definition of a moccasin. The moccasin has evolved over the centuries and, since the 1930s, has become the famous shoe we still wear today.

Numerous companies – American, English, Italian, Norwegian – as well as French designers, have worked on this shoe to give it the many shapes and features that make it such a success, such as moccasins with tassels, moccasins with picot soles or moccasins bateaux. The moccasin is a shoe associated with the bourgeoisie for its chic style, worn by Sunday golfers or the wealthy American class. Today, the moccasin is worn by everyone and gives you an elegant look with a fairly casual spirit, perfect for all occasions.

How to wear men’s loafers

Loafers have the advantage of matching your entire wardrobe. Obviously, depending on the type of loafer you choose, they’ll go more easily with one style or another, so we’ll explain everything. For a super chic look, choose leather or patent leather loafers and wear them with a suit, perfect for a special event or to work if your job requires you to be smartly dressed.

For all styles

Leather loafers can also be worn with a more casual outfit like jeans, paired with a shirt to add a chic touch and break up the overly relaxed side. Some of our leather loafers have a look that will give you a more casual style, like our breathable loafers in genuine leather or our tassel loafers in leather with white soles. You can wear this type of model with an elegant outfit to break up the formal side, or with a casual outfit for that dolce vita touch.

To complete a classic outfit, for a modern dandy style or to accentuate the comfortable side of a look, choose suede loafers. Their soft, velvety look adds a comforting note to your outfit. With pointed toes, they’ll be very elegant, with a more rounded toe they’ll give you a more casual look, and with a square toe, they’re the ultimate casual chic shoe. Suede loafers can be worn with jeans and a polo shirt for a preppy look, or with chino pants and a t-shirt to show your cool side while still being sophisticated.

Of course, you can’t wear jogging pants with loafers. However, all other pants, from pegged pants to Bermuda shorts, go wonderfully with these shoes.

Moccasins for all seasons

Contrary to what you might think, loafers can be worn on warm days as well as in winter. When it’s cold, you can wear a pair of socks in your moccasins, as long as they don’t show. In winter, pants are slightly longer or wider, so that the lower leg covers the ankle and part of the shoe shaft. If you prefer to wear slim-cut pants, then protruding socks are best avoided with moccasins.

However, a pair of leather loafers may well keep you warm and be sufficient for winter, if you don’t mind the cold on your ankles. With pants flared at the bottom, you can wear your moccasins all winter long for an elegant look. In summer, moccasins can be worn barefoot, with shorts, Bermuda shorts, canvas pants, jeans; in short, with everything you’ve got to add a touch of chic to all your outfits.

Our men’s loafer collection

Among our collection of men’s moccasins, you’ll find different models in different colors and materials to suit your style and everyday wear. All our models have been carefully crafted from high-quality materials that offer you long-lasting wear. Our leathers, synthetics, hides and canvas guarantee unparalleled durability to suit your every need.

Available in a range of styles to match your wardrobe, our models will take you from classic to preppy, vintage to aristocratic. Our models are available in all men’s sizes, to suit as many people as possible. To make sure you find the right pair of moccasins for you, consult the size guide under each product.