How to wear men Loafers

The moccasin is a beautiful shoe that most men adore. Comfortable and versatile at the same time, this shoe model is a must-have in men’s wardrobes, especially when the warm weather arrives. With their singular appearance, they let you flaunt a casual-chic summer look.

Although fairly flat, these shoes feature a small heel. Located below the ankle, they are laceless and closed. Very practical, they are easy to put on and take off. For comfort, men often prefer to wear a moccasin without socks. The leather from which they are made is highly breathable. Men choose them for their comfort and practicality. Symbolizing presence and elegance, they can be worn in a variety of styles.

Among the many models of men’s moccasins, it’s easy to recognize the moccasin by its assertive style. There are many variations in the men’s moccasin family. You can easily adopt different styles to diversify your look. You can pair them with different outfits for any occasion. There are a multitude of ways to look stylish with a moccasin. Discover some inspiration for wearing your moccasins with style.

Different ways to wear men’s loafers

To put together the perfect outfit, you should choose your shoes as carefully as you choose your clothes. Which moccasins to wear depends on the occasion and the activity. In fact, the vast choice of moccasins offers great possibilities for fashionable fun.

Formal style

Loafers go perfectly with formal wear. All you have to do is adapt to the situation. Most men turn to simple models. They’re appreciated for their sobriety and clean lines. Men’s leather loafers will do nicely for a totally formal look.

To keep your outfit formal, wear socks with your favorite shoe. Suits usually require socks to give the impression of rigor.

To avoid any risk of a false note, slip on your leather loafers with a dark suit and matching socks. If you’re bold enough and confident enough, dare to wear textured socks with your loafers. For a colorful touch, choose a dark-colored pair with contrasting socks.

Preppy style

Even if preppy style is more sportswear today, it’s still elegant. To wear it without fail, be confident. Don’t be influenced by today’s fashions: you can reinvent this style. Compose your preppy look with a simple jacket in red, green, navy or bottle green. Choose a lightweight, no-frills fabric. Match it with beige or khaki chino pants, or with a warmer color: brick red, sky blue… Choose a simple striped oxford shirt in a plain, pastel tone… A round-neck sweater is also very elegant.

To complete your look, you can choose between a flashy bow tie or a traditional striped tie. The latter is an essential part of the preppy look, while the bow tie breaks up the formal aspect of your outfit. Choose men’s loafers with bits.

Casual style

Loafers go well with casual style. You can adopt this style with any model. Choose according to the look you’re going for. For a casual look with a sporty edge, drivers or moccasins with studs are perfect.

For patina, choose your favorite color: dark brown, light brown, burgundy, blue… Black moccasins are not recommended for this style. It’s too formal for a casual look. Moccasins are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. For a vitaminized touch, opt for colorful versions in both summer and winter. To find the best look, try out different combinations of colors and textures. A bold look needs contrast with a monochrome outfit. Choose a hue that complements your outfit for a touch of color.

Wear your favorite loafer with a khaki chino or raw denim jeans. If you’re a sartorialist, show off your ankles a little without socks. You can also wear invisible or neutral-colored socks. If you’re daring, show off your legs with a pair of summer shorts. Wear a short-sleeved shirt or polo.

Casual chic

Casual chic has been very much in vogue for some years now. It’s easy to adopt this concept with a moccasin. This shoe adds an exceptional touch to your outfit. To enhance your casual look, mix formal and less formal pieces. Be careful, because there’s no big difference between chic and casual. Refer to the occasion to be elegant without overdoing it. Make sure your outfit isn’t too casual or too sophisticated.

Wear raw jeans or chino pants with your penny loafer or tassel loafer. For the top, choose just a polo shirt, a classic shirt or a blazer. No matter what type of loafer you choose with your jeans, it can tip your look towards a sporty-chic style.

It’s best to go more casual, i.e. without a tie. You can unbutton your shirt slightly. Choose from suede, leather, driver, velvet and bit moccasins… Light brown, navy blue and light grey moccasins are also great for casual chic.

For a casual look

By changing moccasin model, you can go from a sporty look to a more accommodating one. They’re perfect for a casual outfit of jeans and polo shirt or t-shirt.

In summer and spring, moccasins are real alternatives to sandals and sneakers. Soft and lightweight, suede loafers are highly recommended.

Slip your pair of moccasins into your suitcase for the vacations. Ultra-comfortable, they can follow you on long walks: museum visits, city strolls, restaurants… This is the model to choose for casual daytime and even evening wear. Wear it with a light sweater, a sailor suit, linen pants, white jeans..

For a trendy look

In the same category as sneakers, boots and richelieu, men’s loafers are perfect for any occasion. For a trendy look, a pair of leather or patent moccasins is ideal for finishing off a suit. A black or brown moccasin, with its uncommon elegance, will enhance your outfit.

In summer, models in velvet, canvas or supple leather are ideal. Pair them with skinny jeans, a polo shirt or light dress pants. To keep warm in freezing temperatures, thick leather or suede loafers are an excellent choice. You’ll be on trend with a coat and thick jeans.

In a chic outfit

When you want to dress up for a special event, christening, wedding or other, sublimate your dressy suit with men’s wedding loafers, for example. It’s the perfect way to respect the dress code. Wearing your blue suit, be elegant and flat at the same time with men’s moccasins at a party or wedding. This perfect combination ensures comfort and lightness, and puts you at ease when dancing. The tasselled version will draw the eye to you.

The moccasin also goes well with a chic-casual outfit like the one you wear to work. Wear them with a nice shirt and chino pants.

Smooth leather men’s moccasins are ideal for dressy outfits. When it comes to color, opt for dark shades such as brown, black..

For a chic yet comfortable look, opt for patent leather or brown suede loafers, or loafers with tassels. The elegant lines of men’s loafers add a sophisticated touch to your work outfits. With jeans, suit pants or chino, let your imagination run wild. Wear a striped shirt or plain t-shirt (sometimes with a blazer over it) for the top.

Now you have some ideas on how to wear moccasins. The pair to choose will vary according to your activities and circumstances. To make sure you don’t make a faux pas, take a good look at the different moccasin styles. Don’t hesitate to adopt moccasins to enhance your style. Visit your favorite online store to find the right pair.

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