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Trendy loafers

Ideal for wearing with a suit, a classic dress, jeans or a pencil dress, our loafers are the perfect match for all your outfits. All you have to do is select the color and model of your choice. One thing’s for sure: you won’t be disappointed. When you wear our wedge loafers, your look will be subtly enhanced.

The women’s wedge loafers are shoes that are both elegant and comfortable. Featuring a rubber or synthetic sole and a few extra centimeters of heel, our shoes give you height while being very stable. If you’d like to be in fashion at the moment, or have loafers that you like and feel good in, now’s the time to choose one of our pairs of women’s wedge loafers.

You can also find the same type of shoe shape in our category of platform loafers or in our category of thick-soled loafers.

Platform loafers

Our women’s wedge loafers are the perfect option if you’re looking to gain a little height while retaining the comfort of a flat shoe. These loafers give you a elegant and tapered silhouette thanks to their sole.

The moccasin details, meanwhile, will give you a sophisticated look and attention to detail. The thick sole of these loafers offers excellent support for your feet, reducing the pressure felt during long hours you may have standing at work or during a long, grueling walk during your weekend errands, for example.

The quality of the sole is also designed to offer excellent grip on all types of surface and ground. It thus combines two of the most important features, namely safety and comfort.

Quality materials


Our women’s wedge loafers are, for the most part, made with fine, soft leathers that bend easily with your foot to create a comfortable and personalized fit. This pair of women’s leather platform loafersexemplifies this feature.


They can also be made of suede like this navy blue pair or rubber material like this pair of pink fringed loafers. The latter is the trend of the moment.

Other materials

Other models can also feature interesting textures such as crocodile or snake to give your silhouette a boost of pep and originality. Different styles and colors abound.

Our women’s wedge loafers can be easily matched with different looks. Whether it’s elegant business attire at the office or casual outings with friends, our selected loafers will fit the bill perfectly. Our shoes are comfortable, fashionable and easy to wear, put on and match. You’ll be making an excellent choice by opting for a pair of women’s wedge loafers. With their thick platform sole, they also offer arch support and secure walking. They’ll suit you perfectly for any occasion, and elongate your figure to boot!

Wearable style

Women’s wedge loafers have a unique style that adds a touch of elegance to your outfit as well as height to your silhouette. Wear them with slim or wide jeans, pleated skirts, short or long dresses, or with a suit to work.

Our thick-soled moccasins are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your wardrobe, health and comfort needs. If you prefer simplicity, opt for a classic design with a pair of black or dark brown moccasins that can be worn with almost any outfit.

For those who like a challenge and want to stand out from the crowd, some models are available in original materials such as imitation crocodile or snake for your greatest pleasure! Another must-have benefit of the wedge moccasin is its undeniable comfort, thanks to the laceless design that allows easy adjustment to the foot. The soft insole also offers optimal cushioning to minimize foot pain often encountered when wearing flat shoes.

Orthopedic moccasins

Our moccasins can also be orthopedic, and can be found in our orthopedic moccasins category. This type of shoe is perfect for any occasion when you want to look good while feeling comfortable all day long. Their thick soles are anti-slip.

Investing in a pair of platform loafers will therefore benefit not only your sartorial style, but also the health of your feet. Don’t forget to take a look at our category of thick-soled loafers for women, which will also meet the same criteria as this category.