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We offer a variety of models so you can find a pair of moccasins that meets your expectations. The variety of sizes available also gives you the opportunity to find shoes ideally suited to your feet. Combine style and comfort with our thick-soled moccasin shoes.

The advantages of thick soles

Our thick-soled loafers are a comfortable footwear option for those looking to add a little height to their wardrobe. Unlike traditional loafers, these shoes feature a thicker sole, offering extra cushioning and better traction on slippery surfaces.

Thanks to their thicker sole, these shoes also offer excellent shock absorption while reducing the pressure exerted on your feet when standing for long periods. This feature makes these shoes particularly suitable for professions where you have to be constantly on your feet, such as the service industry or catering. You’ll be able to cope better with a full working day in comfortable, well-fitting shoes.

If you don’t work in these types of professions, these pretty moccasins are equally suitable, since they offer optimum comfort at all times. If you’re attracted to this type of shoe, choose a model that suits you now.

Thick-soled moccasins designed with resistant materials

Made from a variety of materials, such as genuine or synthetic leather, suede or imitation leather, these moccasins have the advantage of being easy to care for and durable over time. The materials used in their composition also make them more resistant to scratches and common stains, ensuring even greater durability.

These moccasins are easy to slip on thanks to their snug fit. With their classic, elegant design and streamlined silhouette, they fit perfectly on the feet of any man or woman. This type of loafer can be worn with casual jeans for an urban look, or with more formal attire for business events. So you can add them to any outfit for a complete, on-trend look.

If you’re looking for versatile, hard-wearing shoes, snap up one of our pairs of thick-soled loafers. Remember to select the color that best suits your entire wardrobe. Because yes, we have a wide choice of models, so you’re bound to find the one you like and that will match your wardrobe.

The embarrassment of choice among these thick-soled loafers

In this category, you’ll find moccasins in styles that range from formal to casual. In fact, some models feature details like tassels or topstitching for a change from traditional moccasins. Depending on the model you choose, you can wear these pretty moccasins with a chic outfit for a special event, or with everyday wear to work.

The colors available are also numerous, ranging from classic brown or traditional black to pastel shades like soft beige or metallic silver. This large variety of models makes it easy to find the pair that perfectly suits your personal style and needs. Make your choice without further ado by browsing our extensive thick-soled loafer category.

Versatile loafers for all occasions

If you’re looking for versatile footwear for your formal business outfits as well as your casual weekend looks, opt for thick-soled loafers. With their solid construction and versatile aesthetic, they’re the essential piece every wardrobe needs!

We offer a variety of moccasin shapes so you can find the one that suits your needs. If you need sporty moccasins, check out our women’s leopard-print mesh sport moccasins, for example. They’ll be very comfortable and suitable for outdoor sporting activities. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a chic pair of moccasins for a special occasion, opt for our leopard print faux fur boat moccasins. They’ll add a distinguished touch to your outfit.

A wide choice

Whichever model you choose, you can count on the thick sole to give you comfort and ease of walking. With these pretty thick sole loafers, you’ll gain in style and well-being. Make your choice now by browsing our category. Remember to select the right size for you by consulting our size guides. Finally, whether you’re looking for comfortable shoes for work or simply to add a trendy touch to your daily outfits, choosing thick-soled loafers proves to be a practical and stylish option. Try them now and you won’t be disappointed by their comfort, style and quality!