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From the arrival of spring sunshine through to summer, your boys will be happy to wear their moccasins. What are you waiting for to make your choice and ask them to validate their favorite color? You can be sure they won’t be disappointed.

A moccasin for boys

Moccasins are loyal footwear, in fashion for years, they remain trendy and particularly easy to wear. Their simple design offers your child great comfort for everyday walking. Our moccasins for boys slip on easily and in a flash: just slip your foot in.

Ideal for young and old alike, the moccasin is a pleasant shoe to wear, generally made of leather or nubuk, these are shoes renowned for their quality and suppleness. We’ve selected moccasins for boys that come in a variety of colors and materials, while retaining extreme comfort. In the last century, moccasins were worn more by the bourgeoisie, earning them their very chic reputation.

Today, moccasins are worn by everyone, right down to the playground, and that’s not to children’s displeasure, as these chic and pleasant shoes are the perfect combo for protected feet, in comfort and with fashion-forward style.

How to wear moccasins for boys

Moccasins for boys are shoes that give an elegant look while being casual. For kids, these shoes give them a grown-up look and a look that’s too crunchy. As a boy, your child will be able to wear these shoes every day when the temperatures outside are mild. This navy blue pair is perfect for spring/summer. The boy’s moccasin is ideally worn without socks, or with little short socks.

For winter, our leather moccasins will be perfect for keeping your child’s feet warm while giving him a retro-chic look. This brown leather model with front detailing is perfect for back-to-school and the arrival of autumn.

A masculine side

For boys, moccasins can be worn with jeans or pants made of fabric, such as cotton canvas or even velvet for a dandy look. Ideal for any occasion, children’s moccasins will give your offspring an exquisite, sophisticated look, without overdoing it and always with comfort. For a casual look, opt for canvas or suede loafers, as with this chic brown suede loafer. For a classic, elegant look, opt for a leather model, as with our British-style leather loafers. For special occasions, to make your little boy very chic, we choose leather loafers with tassels.

A wide choice

In our collection of moccasins for boys, you can choose from chic, casual, seasonal models, or you can also select them by material. We also offer you a large choice in terms of colors, to meet your little one’s desires, and to be able to match it to his wardrobe. We also let you choose the material, so you can embellish these shoes over the seasons, according to your desires and the occasion.

We also have children’s moccasins specially designed for the water, with their neoprene material and special soles. Our children’s moccasins are all available in a range of sizes to suit everyone, from 3-4 year olds up to their adult foot size.

You’ll also find more original models, like those in faux-fur, or those in more eye-catching colors like blue. Designs that are a change from the classics, but that your toddlers will love just as much, because they stand out from the crowd. What’s more, you’ll find moccasin models suitable for everyday wear, for outings to the seaside, or for more formal occasions.


Our moccasins are shoes made with quality materials that your child will be able to wear for a long time. We know, kids grow up fast and their wardrobes need to be changed regularly. However, our moccasins are built to last. As long as your little boy can wear them, they’ll stay comfortable and in perfect condition.

The soles of our boys’ moccasins are thick, durable rubber to withstand all your little monsters’ adventures. If you have more than one child, our moccasins can be a sibling heirloom, suitable for all the children in the family from generation to generation. The moccasin is a timeless type of footwear, elegant and ideal for all occasions.

As you can see, there’s bound to be a model made for your little boy. Discover our site and order the pair that’s just right for him!