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The great history of the women’s moccasin

Perfect for any occasion to add a refined touch to your outfit, moccasins are the pair of shoes to have in your dressing room, so choose yours now. You may not know it, but the moccasin is the oldest known shoe in human history.

The very first model was found in a cave and looks rather like Indian moccasins, which rise slightly towards the ankle, made of skin, with a soft sole. This is how the moccasin came to be defined: a shoe with a flexible sole, easy to slip on without laces.

Over the centuries, and even millennia, the moccasin has been worn by many ethnic groups. It was in the 1930s that the moccasin was revived and reinvented to become the model we know today. There are, of course, many different types of moccasin, such as the tassel moccasin, the fringed moccasin, the boat moccasin and the moccasin with its spiked sole, all created by different designers in different countries. From America to Norway, there are many companies working on this shoe, all of which give it its own distinctive character.

Often associated with the bourgeoisie, the moccasin is meant to be chic, but today it’s worn by everyone and gives you an elegant, refined look with a slightly casual allure, which is why it can be worn with everything and in all circumstances, whatever your age or social class.

What to wear women’s loafers with

There are as many style possibilities as there are types and shapes of loafers. Heeled loafers will give you a different look than platform loafers, both of which will also be different from the look you’ll get with tassel loafers, for example. But then, what to choose and how to wear them?

Wearing heeled loafers

Heeled loafers will give you a sophisticated, preppy look, so if they have small heels, wear them with elegant pants like pegged pants, a shirt and a blazer jacket, or with a midi-length sheath dress to stay in a really chic look.

You can also wear them with boyfriend jeans and a loose-fitting top to break up the casual look. With high-heeled loafers, you can dare to wear very glamorous and sexy outfits. Among our heeled loafers, you’ll find different heel heights and styles, to suit your style and desires.

Wearing suede loafers

Suede loafers will give you a casual yet chic look, the moccasin shape and soft suede material is a perfect blend of coolness and sophistication. Wear them with jeans to avoid overdoing it, or with a casual chic suit ensemble.

Suede adds a bohemian touch, depending on what you wear your loafers with. Among our suede loafers, you’ll find different models in different styles, from very classic loafers for a refined touch that will bring the elegant touch to your outfit, to loafers with a sneaker spirit for a really casual side.

Wearing platform loafers

The platform loafers, on the other hand, will give you a more fashionable look, you can play between a grunge look if you wear them with ripped jeans and a plaid shirt or rather wear them with a preppy look by leaving high socks sticking out and pairing them with a little pleated skirt, plaid, leather or simple black. Platform loafers are ultra-trendy, we see them everywhere, the platform slightly weighs down the silhouette for a very assertive side and you can wear them in all circumstances.

Wearing patent loafers

Patent loafers, those elegant and sophisticated shoes, are a perfect choice for adding a touch of style to any outfit. Whether it’s for a formal occasion or simply to stand out in everyday life, wearing patent loafers is a sure way to flaunt a refined look. Their glossy finish and polished look immediately give an impression of sophistication.

Our women’s moccasins

Our women’s moccasin collection is a wide range of footwear, offering you a diverse range in terms of choice, both in terms of materials, colors and shapes. You’ll findleather loafers, suede loafers, tassel loafers, soft loafers, but alsoleopard loafersto play with your style. Heeledmoccasinsof various kinds and alsoorthopedic moccasins.

All our shoes are carefully crafted from quality materials, whether for the upper, the insole or the outsole. We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you sturdy, comfortable products that will pamper your feet, we hope, for as long as the moccasin has been around.