Mocassin Crocodile Leather

Are you looking for chic shoes that are truly elegant and comfortable? Then you’ve come to the right place: discover our collection of crocodile leather loafers to satisfy all your desires. Leather moccasins with an ultra-chic grain imitating crocodile skin.

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From the first moccasins to our crocodile moccasins

Moccasins are shoes that have stood the test of time, as they are in fact the first footwear known to man. The design of the first moccasins is made of skin, padded with straw, the moccasins cover the foot and are supple for comfortable walking. Apart from the straw padding, the moccasins we know today have changed little, as they slip on easily and are known for being soft-soled shoes and above all very comfortable to wear.

The shoes of choice for a pleasant everyday life and for treating your feet with care. Like a tribute to the skin moccasins of another millennium, our crocodile leather moccasins are the epitome of chic and elegance with an authentic allure. The sole of our crocodile moccasins is necessarily stiffer than other types of models to meet today's needs and has a certain elegance, but they remain just as comfortable.

How to wear our crocodile grain leather loafers?

Crocodile-grain leather loafers have a chic allure, and can be worn with elegant outfits. Perfect for special occasions, they're also a great accessory for adding an original, sophisticated touch to your more casual outfits.

For cocktail parties, weddings or chic receptions, crocodile leather loafers add a touch of whimsy to the traditional tuxedo suit. In everyday life, it's the same: crocodile grain adds an original touch to your outfits, whether you're wearing a suit to work or a more casual outfit.

With a well-chosen pair of pants or chinos, your croc-effect loafers will stand out and enhance your outfit. With jeans, too, crocodile loafers will break up the too-casual look, and will be perfect if you wear a shirt with them for a chic casual look.

All these style tips work if you're a man, although they work for women too. In our collection of crocodile loafers, you'll easily find models designed for men, but we also offer several children's and women's models. For you too, crocodile loafers can be worn with a chic outfit and can enhance jeans with a sophisticated touch whatever the occasion.

Our collection of crocodile leather moccasins

In our crocodile leather moccasin collection, you'll find moccasins for the whole family. For men, women and children, our crocodile-grain leather moccasins give you a unique and elegant look in all circumstances. A variety of models in different shapes and colors to match your desires and your wardrobe. Our moccasins are available in a range of sizes to suit everyone, and we recommend that you refer to the size guide inside each product datasheet to make your choice with confidence.

In addition to their refined style, our crocodile moccasins offer great comfort thanks to their classic design, which has been carefully studied to take care of your feet. With our collection of crocodile-grain leather moccasins, we promise you quality, for shoes you'll keep for a long time.

The quality of our crocodile grain leather loafers

Our crocodile-effect leather loafers are all made from high-quality natural leathers, selected for their robustness and suppleness. The crocodile grain of our leathers is carefully crafted to give the impression of real crocodile leather and give you a truly chic and luxurious touch. The tanning of our leathers has a waterproof finish so you can easily maintain them simply with a slightly damp cloth.

Leather is a natural, animal material that evolves over time, adapting to your feet and the way you walk. Moccasins are renowned for being comfortable shoes, and in leather they become so comfortable to wear that you'll feel they've been made to measure. Leather is a breathable, thermoregulating material that keeps your body at the right temperature and can therefore be worn in all seasons: in winter, you won't have to worry about the cold, and in summer your feet won't feel too hot, and perspiration can easily be wicked away to avoid any discomfort. When you choose leather moccasins, you're choosing durable shoes that will follow you everywhere for years to come.

Browse our selection of crocodile leather shoes now, and select the model you like and feel comfortable in. There's a pair for the whole family, so you can match them to each other. These moccasins are perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.