Mocassin Leather

Leather is the material of choice for shoes, and even more so for moccasins. Discover our collection of leather moccasins, with models for the whole family, to wear all year round and for every occasion. Our wide range of leather moccasins lends itself to all ages and situations.

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From the first moccasins to our leather moccasins

Moccasins are shoes steeped in history, having been worn since the dawn of time. The first footwear known to man, moccasins were originally supple shoes made of skin, rising up towards the ankle and very easy to slip on. From this description, you might think that the moccasin hasn't changed much, yet over the centuries, this shoe has evolved a great deal, although it still retains its main characteristics. The leather moccasins in our collection respect this tradition with their material, suppleness and ease of slip-on. The leather of our moccasins is obviously tanned, unlike those of the era when they were created, and features gum or rubber soles to better protect the underside of your foot. Shoes with millennia of history that we propose to perpetuate in a modern way with an attractive collection of leather moccasins suitable for everyone.

Leather moccasins for the whole family

In our leather moccasin collection, you'll find moccasins for the whole family - women, men, children and even babies. We've designed this collection so that there's something for everyone. For all genders and all ages, our collection of leather moccasins also offers a wide choice of shapes and colors. Elegant shapes for women, with rounded toes or heels for a truly feminine touch. Fancy moccasins for men, or classic ones in a wide range of colors. For children, comfortable moccasins, of course, sometimes playful, give your little ones a chic touch and a grown-up look. Each of our models is available in all sizes in its category, to suit as many people as possible.

Leather moccasins for every occasion

In our leather moccasin collection, in addition to finding moccasins for the whole family, you'll find moccasins for different occasions. From chic to casual, our collection of leather moccasins adapts to every situation. For women, our leather moccasins can be worn day or evening, to work, for a stroll, or a chic event. Some of our models are eccentric, like our leopard-print leather platform loafers, while others are very chic, like our many patent leather loafer models. Wear moccasins elegantly and classically with a suit, skirt, or pants to make sure you don't make a faux pas. Ladies, you can also wear leather loafers in a more personal, trendy style with leather pants or skirts and a sweater, with your little black dress, with a long skirt, or simply with jeans. For men, it's all the same: our moccasins are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from simple outings to events that require you to dress to the nines. Classic moccasins, casual or more formal, moccasins with an original design, there's something to dress up these gentlemen's feet. Wear casual leather loafers with jeans or chino pants and a simple t-shirt, sweater, or polo shirt. Of course, moccasins can also be worn with a suit, and the look can be given an original twist with atypically styled moccasins, such as our patent leather moccasins with tassels and sequins. Men's outfits are often more classic and monotonous than women's, and wearing a pair of original shoes can add a touch of whimsy, a personal touch, without overdoing it. So don't hesitate to go all out on your shoes.

The quality of our leather moccasins

Our leather moccasins, like the rest of our moccasin collection, have been crafted with the greatest care. We've selected top-quality leathers with impeccable finishes for an aesthetic finish and to offer you products that will last over time. Leather shoes, and leather moccasins, in particular, offer several advantages. Leather is a material that softens over time to perfectly match the shape of your foot and the way you walk, so over the years the leather skin shapes itself in such a way that the shoe appears to have been made to measure for you. Leather can be worn in all seasons, as it has thermoregulatory properties, meaning it keeps you warm when it's cold, simply by maintaining your body at its normal temperature, and in summer, because it lets the skin breathe, you don't get too hot and sweaty. As far as care is concerned, leather requires a few special treatments, but nothing complicated. Most of our leathers are treated with a waterproof finish and can be re-waterproofed once a year.