Burgundy Loafers

You’re all familiar with the color burgundy, that deep, intense red that lines our winter wardrobes. To complete your closet and add a trendy new accessory, discover our collection of burgundy moccasins.

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Moccasins in different styles and materials, for men and women, that you can wear all year round. Comfortable, elegant shoes that are sure to make you look good. Here's our selection of burgundy moccasins.

The burgundy loafer in fashion

Bordeaux is a deep, darker shade of red that has established itself in recent years as an alternative to black. Highly prized on the catwalks and in fashion collections, it's a color associated with sensuality, luxury and mystery. Its name derives from the color's relationship with wine from the famous Bordeaux region, as its color resembles the grape varieties. Its connotation with wine gives this dark red color an intoxicating character that appeals to good taste and refinement.

In fashion, this color is therefore used for chic outfits, but burgundy can also be worn in small touches with a bohemian look, as well as with a sophisticated look or as a total look for those who master fashion to perfection.

What to wear burgundy loafers with ?

Burgundy is a comforting color that we like to wear with black or brown to highlight it, but it can be worn with many other brighter colors like pink, for example. We pair burgundy, and therefore our pretty burgundy loafers, with shades like gray or silver for an even more elegant touch. We wear burgundy with all shades of nude, from brown and beige to mustard yellow for a bit of contrast.

Bordeaux can also be worn with yellow or gold for a brighter touch. With shades in the green palette, such as olive green, khaki and emerald green, burgundy pairs perfectly, as does navy blue for a very chic look. Of course, you can also wear burgundy with white.

A winter color

Burgundy is a color we like to wear in winter or mid-season, but you can choose to wear burgundy loafers in any season, as they'll simply add a touch of this color.

But also for summer

If you prefer to wear sandals and bare feet in summer, reserve your burgundy moccasins for evening wear. Even with a casual outfit, they'll add a touch of chic and elegance, while guaranteeing great comfort. As you can see, burgundy is a timeless color that goes with everything, whatever the season.

Which burgundy loafer for which style?

Although moccasins are elegant shoes and the burgundy color connotes chic style, you can wear burgundy moccasins with different outfits and styles. For women and men alike, choose patent loafers in burgundy to give yourself a very preppy look, like our patent synthetic leather loafers with bow for women or our crocodile leather loafers for men.

We choose simple leather loafers in burgundy color, which we pair with jeans and a little top, to bring that chic touch to a casual look. Suede loafers in burgundy are the epitome of a casual, refined look, as with our soft suede loafers for women or our classic suede loafers with tassels for men, which are truly elegant.

For women, we choose burgundy loafers with heels or platforms to slim the silhouette and bring a touch of mystery to all our outfits. For men, we play with textures by choosing crocodile grain, for example, and with finishes by choosing moccasins with bits or tassels to perfect all our outfits.

Our collection of burgundy moccasins

Our collection of burgundy moccasins includes models for women, men and even children. We offer a variety of materials, shapes and styles to suit your needs and complete your wardrobe. All our moccasins are made with care and quality materials to guarantee you sturdy, comfortable products.

A moccasin is by definition a comfortable shoe, easy to slip on and wear with everything. Some of our burgundy moccasins feature heels or platforms to accentuate the feminine side of a woman's wardrobe, while the low heels on our men's moccasins help to elevate you and make you look chic.

Our flat models feature non-slip outsoles that are flexible enough to allow your foot to develop naturally as you walk, giving you the greatest possible comfort. For all our moccasins, we focus on quality and design for the well-being of your feet.