Patent Varnished Loafers

Discover our collection of patent loafers to change your style and take your look to the next level of chic and sophistication. We offer a wide range of patent moccasins, for men and women, in different colors and shapes that you can wear for any occasion.

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Why wear patent loafers?

Patent loafers give you an elegant look with their shiny finish. Often worn with a suit or a very elegant outfit, patent loafers have a chic connotation. Indeed, patent loafers can be worn for a more formal event, or to give yourself a dandy or modern woman look.

We wear patent loafers to a job interview to look clean and give ourselves a good image, or daily at work. Back in the fashion spotlight, moccasins are no longer the old-fashioned shoes of the past - they're the new trendy darlings. Like all moccasins, patent loafers are comfortable, making them the perfect choice for feeling good in your shoes.

As well as being comfortable, they're easy to slip on and hold your feet in place for easy walking. More elegant than sneakers, less painful than heels, and more stylish than derbies or richelieus, moccasins are the shoes to go for, and even more so if they're patent. You can wear them with anything and everything, and that's certainly one of our favorite reasons for adopting patent loafers.

How to wear patent loafers?

Patent loafers are usually worn with a suit to finish off a chic look, but they can be worn in many other ways. Without the full suit, a simple pair of pegged pants and a polo shirt, a small shirt, or a V-neck sweater, patent loafers will be enough to enhance your style.

Wear your patent loafers with jeans to break up the too-casual side of the outfit and add a chic touch to this casual look. Wear them with a pair of canvas pants, somewhere between jeans and chino, for an elegant look without being too stuffy. For women, the possibilities are endless. Wear patent loafers with loose-fitting pants, a jumpsuit, with tights and elegant shorts, or a short skirt, paired with a shirt and blazer for a chic look. Bare-legged with knee-high socks and a dress, shirt-dress, or skirt, patent loafers add a sparkling touch.

In short, patent loafers aren't just for men and wedding celebrations, or for suiting up in the office, they can be worn with anything and on any occasion.

Choice in our patent loafers

Our collection of patent moccasins includes a wide choice of shapes and colors, as well as patent moccasins for women and patent moccasins for men. You'll find moccasins with round toes, and moccasins with more pointed toes for a more chic, sophisticated look. Some of our models have details that make them original, such as buckles, tassels, or small prints for a unique style.

Our patent moccasins all have the particularity of having small heels to make walking more pleasant by raising the back of the foot, the natural shape of the arch is respected and so the weight of the body is better distributed when you walk. Inside our collection of patent moccasins, you'll find moccasins in a variety of colors, so you can have maximum fun with these accessories that are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Also, some of our models are available in different colors for even more fun.

The quality of our patent moccasins

The majority of our patent moccasins are made of leather, and we have selected the highest quality leathers to offer you products that will last over time. Leather has many advantages, especially for shoes, as it prevents the development of fungus and cares for and protects your feet.

Leather is also a material that can both keep you warm and let your skin breathe, so you can wear leather shoes in all seasons without worrying about being too hot or too cold. Although quite rigid at first, leather is a supple material that will evolve, relaxing and adapting to your foot and the way you walk to make them very comfortable.

The finish has been carefully varnished to resist cracking and daily wear. As for our synthetic models, they also deliver on the promise of quality, resistance, and sturdiness that will stand the test of time. Discover our collection of patent moccasins and put shoes on the whole family with our many models. Treat yourself to a classic in your wardrobe.