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Suede is a noble material, made of smooth leather and delicately worked to give a shoe that lasts over time and is resistant to various weather conditions. Ideal for wearing as soon as the first rays of spring sunshine arrive, our suede loafers for men will give you an elegant look. Extremely comfortable to wear, our shoes will become your summertime favorites. You’ll love them. Don’t delay in making your selection on our site.

Casual and chic suede loafers

Our suede loafers for men are particularly popular and carefully selected for you. Men all over the world love moccasins. As comfortable as sneakers, they easily replace classic shoes in elegant outfits. Opt for suede men’s moccasins if you’re looking for shoes that are both chic and casual!

The shape of moccasins is known for bringing elegance to your look in all circumstances. Whether you’re wearing suit pants or jeans, our suede loafers will fit the bill perfectly. These figure-hugging shoes provide style and class you’ll never tire of.

The noble material of suede returns us to that feeling of having found the right shoe for you. Very comfortable and easy to slip on, you won’t be able to leave them once you’ve tried them on. Tassel loafers, like this blue Italian model with rubber sole or this camel-colored tassel model, are perfect examples of elegant shoes to wear in town or for a ceremony, for example. They’re also ideal for wearing to the office to complement your work outfit. You’ll see that these classic models refine your feet and offer anchorage in the ground thanks to thick, notched or smooth soles.

How to wear suede loafers for men

We recommend wearing suede loafers for men with short or long chino pants or linen pants, a shirt and a light jacket to complete a relaxed summer look. Get a trendy look by wearing our suede loafers to the office with this classic sober model in navy blue cow suede or for your evenings out with friends with this model with luxe details a little more boat style.

The boat style is a suede loafer model known and reputed for being very comfortable. Its often thick, non-slip rubber sole accents any ground and lasts a long time. By choosing this type of model, you won’t need to change your shoes every year! But beware of kitsch! Avoid wearing your loafers with tight-fitting clothes and a blinged-out gold watch, for example!

Suede, a refined and delicate material

Do you know where suede comes from? This material we call suede is actually a classic leather that has undergone treatment on the reverse side (flesh side) to give it that velvet appearance. Suede is actually classic leather treated differently! We love its delicate velvety look on our feet, on bags/towels or even jackets.

Many advantages for this material

In addition to its classic, timeless look like this model, which is very well known, the advantages of suede are as follows: suppleness, due to its relative thinness, suede is generally softer and more stretchy than leather. In general, this makes suede shoes more comfortable than their leather counter parts, and allows for a faster break-in time.

Because of its comfort, suede is often used for dress shoes and espadrilles. It is also a very supple material. Because of its velvet structure, suede is a soft material. This is also why it is often used as a lining in leather shoes. Its breathability, due to the partially porous structure of the leather, is not to be overlooked as very important. Thanks to its thinness, suede is a breathable material, ideal for keeping your feet cool in summer.

Finally, its durability is very important. Suede is an organic material, literally designed by nature. With a little luck, suede products can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Let’s not forget to mention that there are also perfectly imitated synthetic suedes to suit many pairs of shoes.

With or without socks?

Being barefoot in your moccasins is a pleasant sensation, but socks are of course permitted! It all depends on the thickness and length of your pants and the weather. If the weather is cooler, opt for long, thick pants and matching socks. In all cases and uses, you’re bound to feel comfortable in your suede loafers.