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With our women’s orthopedic loafers, your feet will be protected and free to move. A collection designed to easily match your wardrobe whatever your style, while relieving your feet of pressure and your body of potential pain.

Women’s orthopedic moccasins, what are they?

An orthopedic moccasin is an orthopedic comfort shoe that combines well-being and aesthetics. As the moccasin is a rather elegant shoe, orthopedic moccasins let you feel good in your moccasins (as in your sneakers), without putting style on the back burner.

The aim of orthopedic footwear is to give you a comfortable walk that respects your foot and its natural movement, but also allows you to have good posture and correct pathologies or relieve certain pains.

Thanks to an arched insole that hugs the arch of your foot, the pressure of the body’s weight on your feet is more evenly distributed. And yes, our feet have to bear all our weight and transport it regularly, so with shoes that are too flat or have no internal arch, for example, you risk not only aching feet, but also knees, backs and various joints. Orthopedic moccasins promise you a pain-free everyday life, and a posture that keeps your body pain-free by having your feet, legs, hips and lower back properly aligned.

Why wear orthopedic loafers?

There are various reasons why it may be advisable to wear orthopedic shoes and orthopedic moccasins more specifically.

In the case of foot pathology such as a bunion, a deviated toe and various other types of deformity or ailment. Also, if your back aches, if you have a risky posture, if your joints are sensitive, and for any other pain related to walking or posture, orthopedic moccasins can be a lasting solution.

Moccasins have a flexible design, and the front of the foot generally gives the toes enough room to remain pain-free. If you suffer from hallux valgus or diabetic feet, you probably already wear orthopedic moccasins. Most of our orthopedic moccasins feature an insole, outsole or both reinforced with a gel or EVA plastic layer that absorbs the shocks associated with walking to give you extra relief.

Wear women’s orthopedic loafers and be stylish

Orthopedic loafers will have the advantage over other types of orthopedic footwear of going with different styles and even being worn without anyone knowing they have an orthopedic purpose.

We offer a wide variety of models to match your desires and your wardrobe. You’ll be able to wear these shoes on any occasion, whether you’re going to work, out for a stroll, shopping or even going out with a chic outfit. Our collection of orthopedic moccasins is designed with modern, on-trend styles to combine fashion and comfort.

For a very modern look, we choose our white orthopedic moccasins for women, with their very current design they offer you a casual and trendy style. For a more sportswear look, we choose our breathable mesh sneaker-style orthopedic loafers, their sneaker look will be perfect for everyday comfort. For a casual chic look that combines comfort and elegance, we choose our orthopedic platform loafers or our orthopedic loafers with strap and thick sole, two all-purpose models for everyday wear.

Quality moccasins for healthy feet

Our women’s orthopedic moccasins have been carefully designed to offer you the highest possible quality and give your feet all the comfort they deserve. The materials chosen and the manufacturing process ensure that our products are robust and will stand up to everyday use, even if you walk a lot.

Among our different models, you’ll find a wide choice of materials and colors to suit your style. Whether leather, suede, canvas or synthetic materials, they have all been selected for their properties such as sturdiness, breathability or flexibility. The soles are designed in several layers, including one that absorbs and cushions shock for extra comfort. For most of our models, the insoles are removable, so you can fit your own orthopedic inserts.

Being comfortable in your shoes is very important, which is why our shoes are designed with this in mind. What’s more, you’ll be able to choose a model you really like from our wide selection. We’ll be delighted to see you wearing one of our many models, to accompany you in your daily life.