What’s the right occasion to wear Loafers ?

Both comfortable and elegant, moccasins can be worn for many occasions. Looking for a casual or formal style? Loafers are a versatile accessory for both men and women. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, moccasins are suitable for every purpose. Whether it’s a moccasin designed with leather or suede, you can count on this accessory to complete your outfit. What’s more, there are styles and models to suit the shape of your feet.

Moccasins for 1930s fashion

Pairs of moccasins first appeared in the 1930s. These shoes helped distinguish the students of the time. The famous leather shoe introduced with uniforms, moccasins became an integral part of student wardrobes. From the 1930s to the present day, these shoes have stood the test of time, but they haven’t aged a day. In fact, the moccasin still occupies an important place when it comes to sublimating different outfits. Whether for men or women, the moccasin is still the unanimous choice.

The moccasin still occupies an important place in the world of fashion. With their casual look and timeless style, moccasins are ideal for men and women who want to keep up with the latest trends. What’s more, moccasins don’t shy away from a challenge that’s sure to set the trend. Looking for a pair of shoes to fit your feet? Loafers adapt to any season. Rain or shine, moccasins are a must-have accessory for fashionistas.

How do women wear moccasins?

Just like men, women can also wear moccasins. There are many ways to wear women’s moccasins to keep up with the trend.

What pants to wear with moccasins?

Loafers generally come from the men’s trend. It is therefore possible for women to wear loafers with pants. Want a feminine look for your loafers? You’ll need pants with a 7/8th cut. This is the best length to show off your moccasin. The length of your pants is appropriate for showing off your ankles and heels. For the cut, you can choose between tailored pants, boyfriend jeans or slim-fit trousers. Each of these cuts ensures real style and lets you find the right length.

If you want to make the most of your moccasins in winter, all you have to do is choose the pants. Boyfriend jeans allow you to roll up your ankles and enhance the look of your feet. Simply complete your outfit with a pretty oversized coat or cardigan underneath. This is how moccasins are worn in winter. Want to add a little character to your outfit? Just wear a bag in the same color as your moccasin and a little hat. You’re sure to create a vintage look with your moccasin.

Wearing moccasins with a dress or skirt

We’re staying with the moccasin trend for women. You can wear moccasins with a skirt or a little dress. A timeless fashion trend, moccasins make it easy to choose your outfit. Do you need an outfit? Loafers match your foot shape.

Loafers are an excellent choice when you want to wear something simple and light. Whether with a dress and a long or short skirt, moccasins adapt to any outfit. You’re sure to enjoy a feminine outfit with a leather moccasin. If you want to add a little character to your outfit, it’s advisable to wear moccasins with patterns or colors. You can add a t-shirt and blazer to your look.

Loafers for every style

Want to give your outfit a little oomph? Need a comfortable accessory? Loafers should be part of your wardrobe.

Loafers for summer

Loafers are one of this year’s spring/summer trends. But how do you go about wearing moccasins this season? As we all know, shoes are an essential part of any outfit. For summer, you can choose between lace-up, high, velcro, low or slip-on moccasins. You can go to a specialist store to buy moccasins to suit your outfit and your desires.

A pair of moccasins gives you an elegant look for everyday wear. Easy to put on and flexible, moccasins are ideal for casual wear to combat the summer heatwave. Carrot pants and ankle-length skirts are the perfect match for moccasins. Many people look for the moccasin in mule form to complement their spring and summer outfits.

Facing winter with moccasins

How do you wear moccasins and avoid a winter chill? That’s the question many women ask. To face the cold of winter, you need the right pair of shoes. Generally speaking, moccasins are made from suede, leather or cotton canvas. These materials ensure impeccable moccasin quality. In winter, you should wear plain-colored moccasins made from leather.

Want to stay stylish through the winter? You can sublimate your outfit with a long knitted dress, an aviator jacket and platform loafers. You can also choose between a turtleneck sweater and an oversized blazer jacket for chic winter style. When it comes to moccasins, dare to wear a genuine leather combo. This model of moccasin allows you to face the cold of winter. On the other hand, you can wear a pair of shoes with high socks to avoid a chill.

When to wear moccasins?

Women have succeeded in making moccasins timeless, iconic footwear for any situation. Women always wear moccasins for every occasion. Just choose the right outfit to match the style.

Wear loafers to a concert

Are you a rock fan? Want to wear the right outfit for the occasion? Loafers are just what you’re looking for. In black leather or suede, the moccasin adds a unique touch to your outfit. Paired with a black blouse or t-shirt, the moccasin will keep you rocking right down to the tips of your toes. If you don’t like wearing skirts, you can wear black leather pants.

For skirts, wear opaque tights so you can enjoy your moccasins without being provocative. Don’t forget jewelry to complete your look. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings should match your style.

Loafers for going out with friends

For women, finding the perfect outfit remains a real headache. But loafers make the task of finding the perfect outfit much easier. An all-purpose accessory, moccasins offer a casual look for a date with friends or family. Effective for adding a little dynamism to your outfit, the moccasin sets no creative limits.

You can wear moccasins with skinny jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. You’re sure to enjoy a comfortable look on your date with friends. Don’t forget the little denim jacket and bag to complete the look.

Wearing a loafer to an interview

If you’re still wondering what to wear to an interview, you can trust your moccasin. Even if the moccasin is one of today’s most classic accessories, it’s still practical and gives a chic look. Going for a job interview? Wear moccasins with a pantsuit or cashmere top. The result is a look that’s just right for the occasion. However, you can also dare to wear a printed tailored miniskirt and blazer jacket to an interview.

A weekend outing

If you’re looking for a piece that’s easy to put on and can be adapted to your outfit, you can choose the moccasin. Paired with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a little top, the moccasin gives you a city look. Mom jeans are also a trendy item of clothing. Simply wear your moccasin with mom jeans and a long-sleeved top.

Moccasins are a great accessory for a city weekend look. Want to go beyond the masculine code and go for a feminine look with your loafers? Wear moccasins with a miniskirt and jacket.

Wear loafers on a romantic date

Planning a date with your lover? Want a stylish, casual outfit? Wear a pretty floral dress with your moccasin. Effective for reflecting a romantic style, the moccasin is always a trendy accessory. With floral motifs, you can enhance the color of your moccasin. What’s more, you can create a successful outfit when you combine the right accessories. If you like to wear jumpsuits, those in black with floral motifs work well with a moccasin in the same color.

Wear moccasins to go shopping

Although moccasins are made from leather or suede, this type of shoe ensures unrivalled comfort. Apart from the charm it offers, this pair of shoes is highly appreciated for its flexibility and suppleness. Don’t want to tire your feet on the move? The leather moccasin is the ideal solution to avoid moisture problems. What’s more, you’ll retain your elegant look with the comfort offered by your moccasin.

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