Top 5 loafer trends for 2024

Lightweight, elegant and versatile, loafers should be a staple in every wardrobe. Suitable for a variety of wardrobe styles, these shoes allow you to combine elegance and comfort.

How to choose moccasins

Loafers can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether for a formal or casual look, they adapt perfectly to any style of dress. However, there are many different types of moccasin, designed in different styles and made from different materials. So choosing the right pair can be complicated.

Here are a few tips for choosing the moccasins best suited to your style.

Determine the use of your moccasins

The style of moccasin you choose depends mainly on how you intend to use them. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to match a classic or formal outfit, opt for a dressy, sober-colored model. For a more casual style, opt for a lightweight pair and adapt the color to suit your outfit.

Choosing the right loafer size

Leather loafers are shoes that tend to stretch over time. That’s why we advise you to opt for a pair that fits snugly.

Choosing your moccasin style

There are many varieties of moccasin, some with a classic style, others more modern. You’ll need to adapt your choice of moccasins to suit your daily use and style of dress.

If you’re looking for moccasins for work, we recommend a classic, elegant style, such as black or brown leather moccasins. For a casual look, you could opt for suede loafers with tassels, for example.

Choosing the color of moccasins

Moccasins are available in a variety of different colors, so it’s important to choose one that matches your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a pair of moccasins for everyday use, neutral colors like black, brown or beige are safe choices. For a special occasion, you can opt for brighter colors or patterns.

Moccasin materials

Moccasins can be made from a variety of different materials, including leather and suede. Leather is one of the most common choices when it comes to moccasins, due to its durability and elegant appearance. Suede, on the other hand, is an ideal material for casual style and optimum comfort.

By following our advice, you’ll be able to choose the right pair of moccasins to suit your style and purpose.

How to wear moccasins

Loafers are versatile shoes that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Here’s our advice on how to match your outfit for an elegant look.

With dress pants

Loafers are particularly well suited to dress pants. Whether paired with a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding or reception, or with chino pants for a casual look, they’re an excellent match.

For a formal look, opt for black or brown leather loafers. Sober-colored shoes, paired with subdued colored socks, are perfect for a professional or formal setting.

Suede loafers are a good choice for a more casual look, and depending on your outfit, you may opt for lighter colors paired with colorful socks.

With jeans

Loafers paired with jeans are ideal for a casual, comfortable look. We recommend suede or leather models with buckles or tassels.

For a dressier look, opt for leather loafers in black or dark brown.

With a skirt or dress

Loafers can also be worn with skirts and dresses, if you want a casual look. In this case, leather loafers are an excellent choice, allowing you to have a smart, dressy style.

Suede loafers are more suited to a casual style. Models with platform soles or faux fur add a touch of originality to your outfit.

By following our tips, you’re sure to look stylish when you wear your moccasins.

Top 5 moccasin trends for 2023

Here’s our selection of the moccasin trends of 2023.

Men’s casual leather loafers

Men’s casual leather loafers are comfortable footwear for casual or semi-formal occasions.

Made from top-quality leather, these moccasins are extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear. What’s more, this leather is both supple and robust, resisting wear and tear perfectly and making these moccasins extremely durable.

Beige leather platform loafers with leopard print

Beige leather platform loafers with leopard print have an original, modern and elegant style. The platform sole gives you a chic look and goes perfectly with a variety of outfits (dresses, skirts, pants and more).

Particularly suited to mid-season, these moccasins are an ideal choice for adding a touch of originality to your outfits and asserting your personality.

Women’s spring-summer moccasins in genuine leather

Women’s genuine leather spring-summer moccasins are made from top-quality 100% leather.

You can wear these shoes all summer long and enjoy their lightness and optimal walking comfort. Equally well-suited for driving, strolling and outings, these elegant shoes are an excellent choice to enhance your outfits.

Chic leather tassel loafers for men

Chic leather tassel loafers for men are shoes with a classic, elegant style. They are suitable for men of all ages, and work well with formal, dressy or casual outfits.

The supple, hard-wearing leather gives these shoes excellent durability and walking comfort.

Cow suede loafers with tassel for men

Cow suede moccasins with tassel for men are the model of choice for a casual, comfortable style.

The suede from which these shoes are made is of the highest quality. Particular attention is paid to the finishing touches for an elegant look in all circumstances.

Loafers are an excellent choice of footwear for the summer season. Whether formal, semi-formal or casual, the different models available are sure to suit your needs.

We’d love to hear what you think about the trends for 2023 in the comments section.

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