What jacket to wear with Loafers ?

Many cultures dispute the origin of the increasingly popular moccasin. The characteristic elegance, versatility and comfort of these shoes justify the touch of refinement they bring to clothing. They can be worn with almost any type of clothing, especially jackets. Jackets are an excellent option for formal situations (business meetings, for example). But how do you combine a jacket with a pair of moccasins to elevate your elegance while remaining chic?

What is the history of the moccasin?

The moccasin originated in Canada. In fact, they are said to be an innovation of the Algonquins, who used to sew leather pieces to keep their feet warm. Warriors proudly wore them with their fox tails to erase footprints in the snow. The moccasin then crossed the borders of America to find its way into the collection of Georges H. Bass collection. At the time, moccasins were a huge hit with students.

Renowned for its chic character, this shoe was launched by Gucci in the form of moccasins with bits and tassels. It has been totally adopted by the preppy look and has undergone an enormous amount of reworking by designers. The result today is a wide variety of moccasins that are either style-specific or versatile. This shoe has unquestionably become a fashion icon.

Why wear moccasins rather than any other shoe?

Loafers stand out for their simplicity, practicality, elegance and so on. You can slip them on very easily (no hooks or laces). They offer comfort and confidence. In fact, they’re perfect for bringing out the chic and stylish side of your outfit, while giving you maximum ease of movement. You won’t have to twist your ankles in pain from inadequate heels.

It goes without saying, then, that these shoes provide the indispensable finishing touch to perfect your sartorial style. The tireless efforts of designers who have redesigned moccasins have not only reinvented looks, but also silenced the majority of those who think moccasins are old-fashioned. Loafers are more fashionable than ever. They come in a variety of forms: with or without laces, rigid or flexible, and so on. They can be adapted to almost any kind of outfit, enhancing elegance and class.

Styles involving jacket over moccasin

Various styles combine jackets and moccasins.

The retro tailoring look

For this look, you’ll need suit pants, a jacket, a shirt, a watch and, of course, your moccasin shoe. Less and less restricted to business-related activities, suits are now worn daily by many people for weddings, going to the office and so on. The suit is a garment that confers elegance and self-confidence. That’s why it’s an essential part of most men’s wardrobes.

To optimize the class and elegance of this look, the key is to match the colors of the suit, the shirt and the shoes you choose. Starting with a white linen suit, for example, a chocolate or brown velvet moccasin (vadillo commando) is perfect for bringing out the full splendor of the style as well as your own confidence and serenity. The unlined, flexible sole offers enormous comfort.

The casual chic look

Casual chic is a very trendy look. It’s all about comfort and sobriety. It’s a very affordable look consisting of a jacket (in suede, denim or suede leather), a chino, a mesh polo shirt and a watch. It’s an ensemble designed to break down the moccasin’s stiff, serious look while maintaining comfort.

It’s a look that enhances the moccasin while remaining purely casual, as the principle is to harmoniously combine so-called formal pieces with less formal ones. However, it’s important to be careful about appearing too casual or too chic. For example, over a penny loafer or tassel loafer, you can wear raw denim pants and a blazer with a polo shirt or blouse. With this ensemble, unbutton the shirt slightly and leave the tie off.

The casual look

Loafers go well with the casual look. You just need to avoid black shoes, which are a little too formal and don’t encourage the casual side of the style. All other moccasin models are suitable, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Pairs with studs or drivers are perfect if you want a more or less sporty effect, for example. All colors are recommended, including light brown, dark brown and burgundy. You can also try a calfskin loafer with raw denim jeans or a khaki chino. Show off your ankles by ditching socks, for example. Wearing knickers instead of pants also works best if you don’t mind showing off your legs.

The preppy look

The preppy look is a style of dress that was originally intended to provide information about a person’s social identity. In the 60s, American students adopted this style to highlight their membership of the elite class. Today, a preppy look requires sufficient self-confidence. It’s a true style of elegance and finesse. This style generally uses a single-breasted jacket in shades of red or navy blue, bottle green, mouse gray and so on.

The jacket is cut without frills in a lightweight material. Try a single-color oxford shirt or a pastel striped shirt. Then slip on a pair of beige or khaki chino pants in a brick-red or sky-blue hue. All warm hues are welcome to add a special touch to this look. Opt for a striped tie or bow tie to avoid a formal look. A penny loafer or bit loafer would be impeccable.

The sartorial look

The sartorial look is a very formal style of dressing that young people have adopted without hesitation. It’s a look of incomparable aesthetics. With a look like this, you can reasonably try pinstripe suits over a white poplin shirt. You can choose a tie in the same tone as the jacket. Wear a tassel loafer, which is renowned for its special dressing. This pair is ideal for a perfect sartorial effect.

Create harmony by slipping on socks in the same color as the jacket to enhance presence and elegance. A pastel pink or blue shirt can also be worn over this ensemble. In this case, a bottle-green or gray tie should be used. A beige or dark-brown velvet loafer with tassels slipped over burgundy socks would add the final touch of perfection to your look.

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